Self-Managing Your Airbnb: How to have your Cleaner Managing your Rental Property (Part 1)

When it comes to having an Airbnb, it can get stressful as there is so much to do. You have to make sure the property is clean after every guest and that there’s enough toilet paper and paper towels! Let alone making sure there’s shampoo and soap!

You can find a cleaner that specializes in Airbnb’s through the platform Turnoverbnb. Turnoverbnb will help you find a cleaner and manage them. The cleaner you select will have access to your Airbnb Listing Calendar, which allows them to know when a guest will check-in/check-out. Make sure you’re choosing a cleaner that is highly rated within the platform. Also, try to have them take pictures after every cleaning to prove the work that has been performed.

When you have found your cleaner ask them to connect! It’s good to have their contact information as an additional counter measure in case of emergencies. Some of the cleaners will refuse to speak outside of the platform which is also just fine. However, I like to provide them with a checklist that goes over the expectations I have, a supply list to control what’s in the property and to also build rapport and utilize their network of people they know.

Once the cleaner is setup, you will want to make sure that you have (at minimum) two sets of sheets, towels, really everything; in order to allow your cleaner to be efficient. So as they take off the dirty sheets on a bed, they have another set to replace that is clean already. The dirty sheets are then taken back to the Cleaner’s office to be washed. Your cleaner will greatly appreciate the time saved and allow them to clean faster and get more done in their day.

Published by Andrew Street

Real-Estate Investor and Creator of BNB Monthly

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