AirBNB Management

Who is BNB Monthly?

BNB Monthly is an Short/Mid-Term Management Company that focuses completely on automating your rental so that you can enjoy a hands-off experience as an investor. We work with you to build your team locally and implement systems so that you can invest anywhere in the US.

How much does an Airbnb Management service cost?

On average, an Airbnb Management services costs 25% – 30%+ of the nightly/monthly rate. This rate is also based on gross revenue, which means the percentage includes taxes and cleaning fees. On top of the night fee are the cleaning fees, however these fees are typically passed on to the guest.

Fee Structure for BNB Monthly

Full Service (Hands-Off) Package – To get started, there is an onboarding process to create & optimize the Airbnb listing, prepare the team for the listing and create a pricing strategy.

  • Monthly, a fee of 18% will be taken from the revenue made for each month the listing is live.
  • Management Services
    • Act as the primary point of contact for guests
      • Respond promptly and professionally to all guest inquiries and requests (goal: within one hour to email/text/alert and immediately to phone call)
      • Communicate proactively with guests to ensure any concerns are known and addressed
    • Review each guest  post-departure, and encourage guests to review the property/host
    • Ensure all calendars are immediately updated with any new booking or booking change.
  • Coordinate Cleaning Services for the unit
    • Coordinate with contracted cleaners to provide all cleaning supplies and equipment, and basic household supplies including paper towels, toilet paper, sponges, dish soap, laundry detergent, hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel.
    • Coordinate an annual spring “deep clean” to be charged (hourly) to Owner.
  • Coordinate Property Maintenance
    • Coordinate scheduling to maintain the property so that it’s in best condition for every guest/tenant.
  • Coordinate Repairs/Contractors
    • Coordinate scheduling, for any repairs or contract work that must be done.

Entrepreneurial Package – This package is meant to help entrepreneurs who want to learn to automate their systems and manage their business themselves. BNB Monthly will start out managing the Airbnb and implementing the systems while educating the investor and ultimately transitioning the investor to being fully self-sufficient. The cost for this service will include the 18% revenue commission (of the nightly/monthly rate) with a completion fee of $1,999 once the investor completely takes the system over, no longer working with BNB Monthly. The duration of this package covers a time period of 4 months. During these 4 months we will have a minimum weekly touchpoint discussing softwares, strategies, thought processes, etc.

Consultation Session – This session is meant to go over any questions you may have and to provide guidance for 60 minutes. The cost of this consultation call is $249.99 for the session. For this call, please come prepared with all of your questions and support to walk through. I want to make sure you are able to get the most out of this call and pack in as much information as possible!

  • BNB Monthly also provides Market Analysis of a location of your choice during the acquisition phase. This market analysis will help provide details over the best areas to buy a property with details as to what property would provide the best returns possible. Schedule a call with us to discuss your needs!

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