The Recession’s Canceled?! Wait a Minute..

We are entering into one of the darkest recessions ever that will rival the housing crisis of 2008.  Or are we?  Traditionally, the definition of a recession is ‘a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters.’  Which, this negative declineContinue reading “The Recession’s Canceled?! Wait a Minute..”

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Investing in Short Term Rentals

Getting Started The biggest mistake occurs during the purchasing process of the short-term rental. There’s a huge misconception that all properties will work using the short-term rental methodology by posting the rental on Airbnb. Instead, what you should be thinking about first, is will the rental comps work for the property as a long-term rentalContinue reading “The Biggest Mistake You Can Make When Investing in Short Term Rentals”